Santiago Aurelio Mota

Santiago is an educator, designer, and researcher whose transdisciplinary work engages with critical cartographies, counterfactual visualizations, performance simulations and other advanced representational techniques and methodologies, to explore historical conditions and future implications providing key insights to understand our dynamic futures in a warming planet.

For more than a decade, Santiago has led an award-winning independent architecture and urban design practice engaged in developing holistic projects across scales, with built projects mainly in Mexico where he is a licensed architect. In addition, Santiago is currently a consultant at the Housing and Urban Development Division of the Inter-American Development Bank where he advances knowledge platforms towards mapping the climatic futures of cities and regions in Latin America and the Caribbean. He collaborates with transnational institutions, multiscale forms of governments, educational institutions, consultant agencies, engineering offices, design firms, and social organizations to find synergies for knowledge co-creation.

Actively involved in academia, Santiago teaches design studios, research seminars and provides knowledge support to educational institutions and independent social organizations in Latin America, the US, Canada, and Europe, where he collaborates actively towards relevant contributions in the fields of architecture, urbanism and landscape architecture envisioning equitable and desirable futures in a warming planet.

With studies in Economics and Sustainable Design and Construction, Santiago holds an Architecture degree from the National University of Mexico (UNAM) and both a Master degree in Design Engineering and Design Studies in Energy & Environment from Harvard University. He is member of the Ecological Society of America, the North American Cartographic Society, and is a registered FAA small UAV operator in the US, and a heavy construction machinery operator in Mexico.

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